Month: June 2021


Sensible Contract Advances on BSV

Bitcoin Association speaks to Gu Lu, founder of BSV smart contracting solution Sensible Contract, about the newest evolution of smart contracts on the BSV network.


Merkle Science Introduces BSV Support

Merkle Science customers will be able to use the platform’s Blockchain Monitor tool, which allows users to easily identify – and respond immediately to – suspicious transactions, without relying on backwards-facing blacklists.

Minit Money joins IFWG regulatory sandbox

Minit Money joins IFWG regulatory sandbox

Centbee’s Minit Money project has been announced for inclusion into the South African government’s regulatory sandbox, opening the door for one of South Africa’s most innovative blockchain businesses to make its mark on digital asset regulation in the country.


BSV Merkle Proof Standard Published

One of the biggest announcements to come out of the CoinGeek Zurich Conference was the publication of the Merkle proof standardised format by the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee.

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